Monthly Archives: December 2014

ZTE Star 2 Skips Hardware Gimmicks, Impresses with Voice Control

At its launch event here at Guangzhou’s Canton Towers, China’s tallest building, ZTE demoed its new flagship phone, the Star 2, [...]

Future-forward Tablets: Looking Toward 2015

Following a predictable year, tablets won’t have to do much to impress us in the upcoming new year. Since tablet manufacturers laid lo [...]

Huawei Honor 6 Plus Goes After IPhone 6 Plus with Dual Cameras

It hasn’t been much more than a month since the launch of the Honor 6 from Huawei, but the Chinese smartphone maker is already launchi [...]

Use Headphones With Computer Speakers By Audio Splitter

If you want to use computer speakers and headphones on the same computer, at the same time. You can use audio Splitter. The splitter will al [...]

Six Trendsetting PCs That Set the Bar in 2014

Among the highlights were a shiny new version of OS X, the first Intel Core M products, and an improved wave of Chrome [...]

Chinese Handsets Account for Almost 40 Percent of Global Shipments

Chinese smartphone vendors will ship over 450 million smartphones by the end of 2014, rising to 38.6 percent of the worldwide total, accordi [...]

Sourcing Best IPhone 6 cases From Chinese Cell Phone Accessiories Manufacturers

IPhone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus have pulished, I think many people bought it and want to protect them well. Buying Iphone cases for you cell phon [...]
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