Monthly Archives: December 2014

China’s Xiaomi Unveils Heart-monitor Dock for Smartphones

Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has a new product up its sleeves to monitor your blood pressure. Branded as iHealth, the new dock attaches [...]

The Future of Mobile Marketing – Connecting the Physical with Digital

Mobile has driven the biggest change in marketing in the past decade. Device adoption has grown at an incredible velocity, from the always-o [...]

China Mobile’s 4G Explosive Growth Is Positive For Apple

China Mobiles’ 4G user base is experiencing explosive growth. February of this year was the first month that it supported the faster techn [...]

7 inch Tablet PC android Pad with Bluetoot GSM Network Phone

Today, I find a france buyer inquire a new tablet pc, I sincerely feel this product is very convenient and advanced. So I recommend it on ch [...]

Key Features to Consider While Sourcing for Bluetooth Headset

While you are sourcing for Bluetooth headset in domestic or abroad market, are you upset about how to choose them? If so, the following key [...]
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