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6 Tips for Choosing Computer Speakers

Listening to music and watching movies on a computer is more popular than it ever has been.  Unfortunately, most sound systems and speakers included on computers are just not up to snuff when it comes to proper balance and listening quality.  For this reason, you are going to want to add external speakers to your system.  But before you do, check out these six tips for choosing computer speakers so you know what you need to buy for your system.

1. Upgrade Your Sound Card

Most computers today come with sound built right in, but that doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with just that.  Instead, you can try adding a sound card to your machine to offload the processing of the audio on your computer.  These cards will not only help speed up your machine, but are often built to provide a much better sound experience so you can get a much richer set of tones by using these cards.

2. Consider Portable Speakers

If you are adding speakers to your laptop, you may want to consider purchasing speakers that are more portable than many of the standard speaker systems out there.  These are often much smaller, lighter and easy to pack into your laptop bag to carry with you wherever you go.  Remember, they won’t put out as much power as their bigger brothers, but they will be a huge upgrade over the tiny speakers included on your laptop.

3. Think About Amplifiers

When you buy speakers, extra watts won’t matter if your computer doesn’t have the power to make use of them.  Instead, try adding an amplifier either to your computer or an external amplifier connected to the soundcard of your computer.  This will give you access to those extra watts so you can truly get the sound you want out of your computer.

4. Add a Subwoofer

If there is one thing that standard computer speakers lack, it’s bass.  That is where a subwoofer comes into play.  Many systems will come with one but you can always add one later if you want, especially if you are using an external amplifier as we talked about above.  This will really round out your sound and not only provide better music, but better movies as well.

5. Go Wireless

Just because you are adding more speakers to your computer, doesn’t mean you have to add a bunch of new wires to the spaghetti system you have behind your computer.  There are many great wireless speakers out there that will provide an amazing quality of sound on your computer.  If you want to reduce those wires, go wireless.

6. Consider Surround Sound

Chances are you are doing more than just listening to music to your computer.  In most cases you are using it for listening to music and watching movies and televisions shows.  If you are doing the latter, you definitely should consider surround sound systems for your computer.  This will enhance the audio quality of the movies you are watching and really improve the overall experience of sound on your computer.

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