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Can I Use An iPhone Headset on My Personal Computer?

The iPhone headset includes both headphones in addition to a microphone for hands-free phone calls and for listening to music and also other audio files. When you appreciate using your iPhone headset and dread the believed of getting to buy an added headset for video chatting, Skype calls or just listening to audio on your computer, you’ll be pleased to know that you can use the headset in your computer system. According to what you are using it for, however, you could will need to buy an adapter.

iPhone 5S Headset


The headset that comes regular with all iPhones is compatible together with the headphone jack within your computer. Plug the headset in to the headphone jack on your computer any time you would like to listen to music or watch videos and the sound will automatically come by means of the iPhone headset in place of by means of your computer’s speakers. Normally speaking, you will find the headphone jack on either the front or the sides of one’s laptop computer system. On a desktop, the jack is normally positioned on the speakers.


It truly is attainable to utilize your iPhone headset for video conferencing or Skype calls, although you will need to buy a smartphone to Pc adapter. These adapters split your headset’s single, three.5mm plug into a dual three.5mm plug with microphone and headphone outputs. The outputs of the adapter plug into the microphone and the headphone jacks on your computer system. These jacks are regularly situated appropriate beside one another.


The ability to use your iPhone headset as both a microphone and headphones for your Pc saves you from having to purchase a dedicated headset for the computer. These headsets can get costly, specifically if you are looking at the highest-quality models.


Despite the fact that you will possibly be capable of use your iPhone headset for most applications on your laptop, how effectively it operates will rely on the program you happen to be applying — particularly with regards to video conferencing, Skype and comparable applications. When applying the headset for the initial time, verify with other men and women around the contact to ensure they can hear you clearly. In the event you expertise persistent issues with contact high quality, you could choose to think about purchasing a separate headset for the computer system.

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