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China Best Mobile 2015

What are the best Chinese smartphone brands? We’ve heard a lot about the Chinese smartphones over the past few years. While they weren’t on the level of Korean or American competitors back then, they seem to have caught up with the rest. If we look at the top five in the world there are even two Chinese smartphone manufacturers in that list. But what are the best Chinese smartphone brands? We’ve made a clear top ten for which Chinese smartphone brands are the best in 2014. Let’s look at the number ten first.

#10 best Chinese smartphone brands: UMI Number 10 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

UMI has come with their latest flagship in the end of 2014. It was the UMI zero which is a high end, metal made smartphone with good specifications. They made sure everything about this smartphone was right, and they did deliver a great product. If they continue this line of quality and looks we’re quite sure that this company will get very popular in 2015. But it’s not that time yet and the company has to work hard to establish its place in the fierce Chinese smartphone market.

#9 best Chinese smartphone brands: ZTE Number 9 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

ZTE has been making quality phones for quite some time now but it always seems as if the company just isn’t making the most out of it. We’ve seen their phones come and go but they never seem to create a hype as for example Xiaomi does or Huawei with their Honor line. ZTE is a brand that will probably stay around for years from now, but it’s also a brand that we won’t see going to the top in 2015.

#8 best Chinese smartphone brands: Lenovo Number 8 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

Lenovo is well known all around the globe and they seem to make good quality product, whichever branch you put them. But the smartphone industry is a tough industry and if you want to make it in this industry you have to come with a little bit more that ‘just good’. Although their handsets got good reviews and people do like the brand, it doesn’t look as if the company can really secure a tight place in the smartphone market. They are one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to producing smartphones, but if it comes to popularity they still have some catching up to do.

#7 best Chinese smartphone brands: Elephone Number 6 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

Elephone isn’t one of the biggest brands at all, and they don’t make the best products either. They aim on cheap phones with good specifications Until now it seems anyway, because their latest models look stunning. Next to that, they have great specifications and the company seems to create quite some media attention over the past few months. We think this brand will be taking quite some ground in 2015 and we can’t wait to see that.

#6 best Chinese smartphone brands: Zopo Number 7 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

Zopo makes great phones. They come with high specifications and good build quality. Many of you might say that this brand deserves a higher position, but I beg the difference. The company has been struggling in keeping its head above the crowd and they don’t seem to be able to create big media hypes like brands as Xiaomi or Meizu. For that reason this company doesn’t get a high position in this ranking. If you are a good brand, you should also know how to play your cards.

#5 best Chinese smartphone brands: OnePlus Number 5 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

We can’t think of a brand that had a smarter way of marketing itself. The ‘invite’ system. It worked for them and it worked well. They made sure that you could only get anOnePlus with an invite, and that made people want the phone. People always want stuff that they cannot get. The brand got very popular around the globe with their OnePlus One ‘flagship killer’ and we expect to see a whole lot more from them. Too bad they got into troubles with Cyanogenmod, let’s hope they find a good way out of this.

#4 best Chinese smartphone brands: Oppo Number 4 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

Oppo has found itself setting two records this year (but losing one very soon). Those were the first motorized rotating camera and the world thinnest phone measuring just 4.85mm. On top of that the company seems to be able to produce good phones which are widely popular under the public. The Find 7 was one of the best phones of 2014 and after that they weren’t even finished. At the end of the year they brought us the Oppo R5 and the Oppo N3, both widely popular. This brand deserves a #4 position.

#3 best Chinese smartphone brands: Meizu Number 3 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

Meizu really did it this year. They knew how to play the media and they did it well. ‘Leak’ after leak came out about the Meizu MX4 first, and later about the Meizu MX4 Pro. It stirred up the media and everybody loved it. They released the Meizu MX4 Pro with a bang and the first stories about the phone were great. Everybody seems to love it and the company went back to its roots. Music. The fact that this company decided that they couldn’t leave their roots behind gave them just that little bit of extra respect. People love the phone, and they seem to love Meizu too.

#2 best Chinese smartphone brands: Huawei Number 2 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

Even though Huawei is one of the biggest manufacturers of smartphones in China they had to give their number one position away to a fairly young brand. The brand is popular all around the globe and it seems that the end is not near at all. Huawei still has some tricks up its sleeve but we can’t help but notice that the company isn’t focusing on its smartphones but more on its other businesses. Is the company giving up smartphones a bit because of the fierce competition in that market? Is it getting too hard for a company like this to earn money in this market? We’ll just have to see what 2015 brings. Luckily the lineup is kind of already known and to be honest, the lineup for 2015 does promise something.

#1 best Chinese smartphone brands: Xiaomi Number 1 top 10 best Chinese smartphones 2014 2015

There could only be one on this position and Xiaomideserved it. The young company is getting more popular by the day and they have huge production problems. Normally, that wouldn’t be a good thing, but the production problems we’re talking about is that the company just can’t handle the demand. That’s a shame for a lot of willing buyers but for the company that means that they can keep expanding for quite a while. Their latest model, the Xiaomi Mi4, is a beautiful product and we can’t wait to see their next flagship. One thing is for certain, this company will have a very good year in 2015.

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