import 3D VR Glasses/VR Headset/VR Box from China

The VR systems available today will seem adorably primitive by year’s end. But that doesn’t mean you should wait: Today’s VR options a [...]

Mega Review: The absolute best portable Bluetooth speakers you can buy

Spring is finally here and it is time to bring our music and speakerphones outside. There’s no better way to enjoy sound outside than with [...]

Outdoor Support USB/TF Card/AUX Handsfree Audio Subwoofer Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Product descriptions Item no.: HRW-SA034 Item name: Bluetooth speaker FM radio: yes Colours: black, red, blue Type: passive Battery capacity [...]

Computer speakers do not work

This document contains information on what to do you if you are not getting any sound out of you computer speakers. These sections should be [...]

How do I connect computer speakers?

The right speaker (speaker with the volume knob) should have two or more wires coming from the back of it. One wire should be connected to t [...]

10 Tips for Effective Content Marketing in China

In China, good relationships and authenticity are vital in business. Content marketing provides a great opportunity to connect with customer [...]

Some tips when you choose a power bank

1. how many times does the charger charges the phone before it needs recharging:it depends on 3 point: a. the battery volume of charger, b [...]
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