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Smart and safe electric heating blanket with wireless remote control

Sometimes a warm blanket just isn’t enough. If you want to supercharge your coziness factor and cuddle up with some extra heat, an electric blanket might be what you need. Whether it’s a chilly evening or you’re just always cold, there are plenty of products out there that will warm you up.

From blankets that you can use on your bed to ones that you can throw on your couch, we’ve scoured through all the products out there to find the best electric blankets based on sales and customer reviews. There are budget blankets that won’t cost a lot and high-end ones that are well worth the money. There’s even a mattress pad that can be heated up to provide the ultimate cozy experience in bed.

See the Smart and safe electric heating blanket with wireless remote control

1.Safe low voltage DC current(24V),no electrical shock,no electromagnetic radiation.with the patented DC pulsed controller,any irregular heat build-up will result in automatic shutdown.

2.This smart electric heating blanket can be washed by hand or washing machine,no damage.

3.The theory of far infrared heating is beneficial to health,accelerate blood circulation,promote metabolism and improve sleep quality.

4.Wireless remote control set to temperatures.the large size blankets have dual control,each half of the blankets can be set to different phone can download APP to control temperatures

5.power saving.8 hours per night need 0.5kw.h.

6.Cozy polar fleece outer layer for comfort and heat retention,light texture.premium textile quality with low flammability materials.

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