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Some tips when you choose a power bank

1. how many times does the charger charges the phone before it needs recharging:it depends on 3 point:

a. the battery volume of charger,

b. the real conversion rate of the charger (power bank),

c.  what’s the battery volume of the phone need to be charged. For instance: S5 model, its battery volume is 4500mah, and our power bank chargers supply the highest level of real conversation rate 65% – 70% (same level with Belkin, Griffins power banks), means (4500mAh* 0.65)2925mAh to(4500mAh* 0.7 )3150mAh will be output from the power bank charger to the phone need to be charged, thus, if it is a 1000mAh battery of the phone need to be charged, we can charge it about 3 times before it needs recharging.

As a professional manufacturer, we only highlight the real conversation rate 65%-70%, however, you may see a theory rate or internal rate 90% from others, it is only be tested in professional lab, and may means nothing, the real conversation of most power banks in the market are less than 50%, even though all of them declared more than 90% theory/internal conversion rate
This is the point of that why so many different prices in the market, low quality battery, low quality control IC, very low conversion rate, but it is not easy to figure out. We promise the real capacity and first-class polymer battery (not 18650lithium cylinder battery), prestigious skills in circuit design, and Texas Instruments IC, all together brings the highest level of real conversion rate.
2. what is the charger recharging time:

it varies upon the volume of battery volume, for K2: 1400mAh, recharging time 2hours    K3, K5, S5 models, 4500mAh-5000mAh, 3- 6 hours    S9: 8000mAh: 8 -9 hours    S12: 12000mAh 12hours    S18: 16000mAh: 14hours
3.How long does it takes to charge the phone

take iPhone for example, it’s battery 1850mAh, it is about 2.5 hours –  3 hours to charge it full. the formula is that 1850mAh means 1.85A (current) * 1 hours, the output is 1A of power bank charger, so theory time is 1.8 hours to charge the phone, however, there is trickle protection to protect the battery, when the phone is going to be charged full, the power bank will reduce the current to be less than 1A to protect the battery, so, it becomes about 2.5 hours – 3 hours.
4. Can it charge more than one items at onceyes, S9, S12 & S18 models are available, there are 2 outputs USB, can charge 2 items simultaneously,for other models, it is single output USB, charge one item once. The max. output of these 3 models are 2.1A, which will charge the phone at last 1.8A, it is fast charging .

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