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The Amazing P6 Outdoor High Definition Screen

—–Source from the interview with Ms Yang, the foreign trader of Shenzhen Top Technology CO., Ltd.

Are you upset that P10 and P8 even P6.66 outdoor high definition screen can’t satisfy your demand? Do you dream of outdoor higher definition screen that can be watched in shorter distance? At present, most manufacturers can produce P3 indoor high definition LED screen, but the high technology of high definition LED screen is presented in outdoor high definition screen. Started from P10 high definition screen, TOOPER has always engaged on producing better products to cater for the domestic and foreign market demand. Now the product has developed to the stage of P6 high definition screen, which stands the leading position in the present market. I believe the upgraded and optimized P6 outdoor high definition screen is the right product you are looking for. You must be eager to know what the new features P6 high definition screen possesses compared with the former one. Look at the following pictures.

the inside structure of P6.66the design of P6 power supplier

Better heat dissipation. Do you notice the picture of P6? This is a new design which didn’t exist in P6.66. The concept of the design is that power supplier won’t press the wires inside the box any more by devising it on the back-cover of the box, which secures the safety of the operating box and also helps better dissipate heat.

the back-cover design of P6.66the back-cover design of P6

Higher IP degree. Though the boxes of both P6.66 and P6 are made of die-casting aluminum, P6 strengthens the lock and fastens the connection by adding the fasteners in the box (see the red mark of the picture), which narrows the gap between the connections and perfects the inside structure of box. In the design of back-cover, the edges are designed in the shape of curved edges with stronger materials for the rain can slip directly according to the curve shape. All of these improve the IP degree and the structure of the whole box.

The whole box structure of P6

More materials-saving. The module is universal in P10, P8, P6.66 and P6. That is to say, if the module of P8 is broken or you don’t like it any more, you can directly change it without spending money changing the whole box. From the picture, we notice that the structure of P6 is thinner than P6.66 and the whole structure is more compact. With so many advantages, P6 outdoor high definition screen can better cater for the market demand.

Editor comment: Founded in 2005, TOOPER Co., Ltd. is a professional lighting manufacturer and the products have been acknowledged by domestic and foreign customers. With powerful and knowledgeable research & develop group, TOOPER mainly exports products to Europe, North America and Asia, etc. and the annual export value has even exceeded 350 million dollar. It has established long-term cooperation relationship with many well-known groups such as Waida Plaza, Skyworth Group, Hilton hotel, etc.

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At last, I give my great gratitude to Ms Yang who squeezed valuable time from her busy schedule for my interview.

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