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Use Headphones With Computer Speakers By Audio Splitter

If you want to use computer speakers and headphones on the same computer, at the same time. You can use audio Splitter. The splitter will allow you to split the audio signal sent from the computer and send it to two devices simultaneously.

audio splitter

1. Connect the audio splitter’s input jack for the audio output jack on the pc utilizing a 1/8″ cable. This cable should be offered with or attached to the splitter.

2.Plug both the headphones and the speakers into the “Output” jacks on the audio splitter.

3. Right-click around the speaker icon situated subsequent towards the clock on your job bar and after that click “Playback Devices”. Ensure that “Speakers” is set as your default audio device. If it’s not, pick “Speakers,” and click “Set Default.”

4. Right-click on “Speakers” and click “Test” to test that your speakers and headphones are functioning appropriately.

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